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Ready, Set…Go!

April 29th, 2017

“Medallion” Jewelry Pieces:

blog eye   DSCN3235

DSCN3238   DSCN3237


DSCN3205   DSCN3242

DSCN3240   DSCN3239

Hi All,

Almost ready and very excited about attending the Quinlan’s Art Doll & Teddy Bear Show next week. Above, are just a few things small pieces I’ve been working on for my sales table. First…my completed “Matchboxes”…all of the tiny characters have “jiggly” legs! Last…I did the “Medallion” Jewelry Pieces last year but now I think I’m ready to display them. Well, that’s all for now…next stop…Philadelphia!

Happy Doll Making!



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Finishing Touches

April 16, 2017

DSCN3194  Blog blk frame                          Happy Easter!

Just a quick update…I finished the display case for the White Rabbit and Alice. I look forward to placing it and it’s inhabitants on my sales table in Philly!  Speaking of,  Philly, my workshop is filing up…only two openings left.  If you’re going to be in the area, won’t you consider joining us in the fun?

Below: Who said playing with matches can’t be fun? It is when you get rid of all the matches first..lol! I’ve always liked the idea of creating a tiny scene inside a matchbox…well, now I finally have! I’ll post the finished pics next time 🙂 Until then…

Blog match 1   Blog match 2

DSCN3206  Blog box bunny


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