Finishing Touches

April 16, 2017

DSCN3194  Blog blk frame                          Happy Easter!

Just a quick update…I finished the display case for the White Rabbit and Alice. I look forward to placing it and it’s inhabitants on my sales table in Philly!  Speaking of,  Philly, my workshop is filing up…only two openings left.  If you’re going to be in the area, won’t you consider joining us in the fun?

Below: Who said playing with matches can’t be fun? It is when you get rid of all the matches first..lol! I’ve always liked the idea of creating a tiny scene inside a matchbox…well, now I finally have! I’ll post the finished pics next time 🙂 Until then…

Blog match 1   Blog match 2

DSCN3206  Blog box bunny



Getting Ready…

blog box tree  blog tree finished

blog box  blog box frame

making the box from balsam  wood and painting the scene                                          blog cat hat  blog bunny close up

Blog Alice  blog bunny

Blog Alice dolls  Blog rabbit

DC fairies

Sample of the “Fairy Babies”class I’ll be teaching at the Quinlan Convention!

Hi All,

      I am getting ready for my yearly trek to the Quinlan’s annual Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Convention near Philly. This year, it’s taking place on the May 4-6 weekend. I’m very excited to be offering a class for the first time! I’ll be teaching a 3-hour class on making my “Fairy Babies” shown above. Keep in mind that if you’re considering taking the class, you’re free to make your fairy uniquely yours 🙂

    Also shown above is the new tiny “Alice” that I’ll be offering for sale at my vendors table…the last bunch I made sold like hotcakes in D.C. last summer. This year’s version has Alice hiding the Cheshire cat inside her hat…lol! I also made a few “White Rabbit’s” for Alice to journey with.  They looked so cute together that I decided to create a framed display case showing both enjoying the English country side before falling down the rabbit hole…ha,ha.

Well, that’s all for now…I’ll be posting more as the convention day approaches. Until then…Happy Doll making!

July 28th, 2016

DSCN3004 (2)  DSCN3001  DSCN3006 (2)                           DSCN3000  DSCN2995 DSCN2998  DSCN2997 odaca bag

Hi All,

I just got back from Washington, D.C., where I had a wonderful time at the 2016 ODACA Convention.  The atmosphere was fun, the luncheon delicious, and my center piece dolls were well received…all in all…a fabulous event! On Monday, ODACA the members of the standards committee conducted the final review for the five applicants who applied months ago and have already undergone two membership phases. I am happy to announce that all are now new inductees…congratulations to you all! The Committee also voted for new Board Members and I was elected Secretary for the next two years…Yay!

As you already know this year’s convention theme was centered around the delightful story of Alice in Wonderland…who could resist such memorable characters?! With these characters in mind, I decided to make each “Alice” slightly different by having each doll hold a fun character from the book, making each of dolls a one-of-a-kind center piece! I also decided to created a “commemorative” ODACA Day bags to hold the dolls.

Above are pics of each of the dolls…seven total (The Caterpillar, The Cheshire Cat, The Baby, The White Rabbit, The Flamingo, The Door Mouse and The pig)…as well as the bags 🙂  BTW, I sold out of my tiny “Alice” dolls and several of the new fairies managed to find new homes! Several of the visitors to my sales table came from far off places like Mexico and Russia…proving, once again, that dolls are loved by all and still are,  no matter what age,  a big draw!

DSCN3034  DSCN3038  DSCN3036

Just a few pictures of the luncheon in progress

On a side note…While in D.C. my childhood friend and fellow artist, Albert Garcia, who now lives there, played tour guide to me and my family. He came to the hotel to help me set up the centerpiece dolls and surprised me with an amazing watercolor he painted from a picture of the my girl when last visited D.C. eight years ago. He is a fantastic artist! See below:

DSCN3028  Albert with my girlsDSCN3049

Happy Doll Making!

D.C. Here I Come!

July 22, 2016

tiny alices

DC fairies

Hi All,

I’m working at break-neck speed trying to put the finishing touches on the centerpiece dolls for the upcoming ODACA Day Convention.  By now the “Alice in Wonderland” theme has been revealed and we ODACA members are all very excited for the day to arrive!

I’ve also been busy making a few miniature “Alice” dolls for my sales table as well as tiny fairy babies. Although they are not part of the “Alice” theme, I’ve always been intrigued by “fairies” and decided to try my hand at making just a few 🙂  They have real acorn caps for hats…lol! Above, I share a few pictures. If you happen to be in the D.C. area and are planning on attending the convention, please make sure to stop at my table and say hello! Until then…

Happy Doll Making!

In the Classroom…

March 1, 2016

spano class 2  spano class 8

spano 11  spano class 3spano 10

I was recently contacted by my daughter’s H.S. art teacher, Ms. Kristen Spano. She was planning on having her students work on a Marionette project and, having seen my work, thought that my coming in to show my dolls and share some of my armature techniques might be beneficial to them. I came in armed with dolls in various stages of completion, various clay samples, wires and tools as well as samples of fibers I use for hair, plus whatever tips I thought might be helpful in this creative endeavor.

Ms. Spano, a talented artist herself,  was very generous with her time and I enjoyed answering any questions the students had. Above are some pictures from the classroom as well as some really great close-up pictures of my dolls (taken by Ms. Spano). Finally a very nice shot of me and Ms. Spano together. It’s been a while since I was “in front” of a classroom and, I admit, I enjoyed it! I really hope to get my work schedule ironed out so I can fit teaching back in…lol!

Happy Doll Making!

Work In Progress…

Ladies bottoms

ladies attached

December 4, 2015

Hi All,

Still working on my centerpiece dolls for the ODACA 2016 Convention being held in Washington.  I love the Polka-dot bloomers…if only they made them in my size…lol! Next on the list? Their dresses 🙂 Until then…

Happy Doll Making!

Back again…

September 26, 2015

155   046

045   035

Faces sculpted                                  Heads/body frame prepared

Hi all,
Wow…it’s been forever since I last posted! I recently started another new job as the last one was unlike anything I ever experienced before. It was very stressful and required long hours and was nearly 40 minutes away. I am now much happier in my new position and my daily commute is less than 5 minutes…how great is that?!
In May, I attended the Quinlan’s Teddy Bears and Doll Convention and it was fun! I got to catch up with old friends and made new ones and made a few sales…all in all, it was great!
Next summer, I’ll be heading down to D.C. to attend the ODACA Convention…my first…which, as always, will be joining forces with the UFDC (United Federation of Doll Clubs. I am very excited not only to attend the convention but also because I have been asked to created the six centerpiece dolls! Yay!!!! I am sooo excited that I already got a jump on it…see above. I cannot reveal the theme of the convention but all the dolls will be similarly dressed and have similar facial features but each will have “a little something” for an individual touch…fun! Until next time…

Happy Doll Making!