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October 7, 2014

Hi All,  

      It’s been quite some time since my last post!!! I would love to say that I’ve been back-packing through Europe visiting all those fabulous places I’d always wanted to visit in my youth but the simple truth is…I’ve been working! That and the fact that I’ve already visited most of those fabulous places and no back-packing was involved…lol! In the past thirteen years, as a stay-at-home mom, I had been very lucky to have had all that chunk of time to indulge in my every doll making whim… I never took it for granted, instead I counted it as a blessing!!!  

     As a working mother, it is definitely much harder now finding the time to create, but it still brings me great joy when I do! I have been trying to create smaller items just to keep my creative juices flowing, things I can start and finish in a few hours, rather that working on one large project to be finished over time. I found that this has kept me satisfied and not longing for more time to create. Check out my “jewelry trinkets” above! Who knows, maybe all these will add up to a large group of trinkets I can sell at The Quinlan’s Teddy Bear and Doll Convention in the Spring…it’s never too soon to start thinking about that! Anyway, that’s all for now…                                       Happy Doll Making!

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Hi all,

I’m all geared up and ready to go the Philadelphia Artist Doll & Teddy Bear (http://www.quinlanmuseum.com/convention/ ) show tomorrow! I’ll be joining many doll artist friends as well as collectors who will all be enjoying lectures, workshops, personal critiques, and wonderful food all in one place! Above is my new Red Riding Hood shadow box workshop on CD that I’ve been putting together the last few months. I’ll be selling it along with many of my dolls…both large and small…at my table, hope to see you there!

Happy Doll Making!


Spring is here!

April 12, 2014

nubian bird  nub burd

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Hi all,

Well,  I had planned to get a few projects finished before heading out to the Doll & Teddy Bear show (http://www.quinlanmuseum.com/) in Philadelphia on May 1st-2nd. I’m happy to say that I did finally finish my Ethiopian Queen…yay! Please check out more views of her on my website: http://www.a-lil-whimsy.com/doll-collections.html . All that was left to finish was the bird she holds in her hand. But trying to find the time to work on it was harder than I thought…lol! She’ll be taking the trip to Philly with me :) If you’ve never been to this show, I highly recommend it! It’s a great place to meet all your favorite doll & teddy bear artists, great food, workshops, lectures, you name it, they’ve got it! If you are going, please stop by my sales table and say “Hello!” I hope to see you there!

Happy Doll Making!

March 8th

??????????  blog nymph2

Hi All,

I’m so happy to see that it’s a nice warm, sunny day and thrilled that its Day-light savings tonight…all clocks move ahead! I am sooo looking forward to longer days…yay! I hope you’re all working on something inspiring that makes you happy. I am diligently working on my nymph (above) and am now wondering how to proceed with his body. Should it resemble a child’s body or make it more tree like? I definitely want him to be “rooted” to the ground as well as having branch-like “hands” but what about this body??? Decisions, decisions, decisions…I love the creative process! Until next time…

Happy Doll Making!

Winter Blues…

tree1  tree2

tree3  nubian bird

February 27,

Hi All,

It seems to me that the polar vortex has overstayed her visit and it’s time for her to go back home!!! It is now 10 degrees outside as I write, which, I must admit, is a heat wave when compared to the -7 degrees we had just last week…ugh! I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am DONE with the snow and am ready for spring!

Seeing all these bare trees, though, have inspired me to create something different…a tree nymph! I’ve had this idea for a while: a small tree-like child holding, you guessed it…a bird!  I’m still not quite sure how to approach it but I’ve got a few ideas…take a look above.

Also,  I’m still working on my Nubian princess. She is pretty much done and now, I am finally working on the bird she will be holding…better late than never! I hope to have both dolls completely finished before I head out to The Doll & Teddy Bear Artist Convention  in Philadelphia May 1-3 (http://www.quinlanmuseum.com/convention/).   I hope to see you there!  I also hope that you all are taking time to be creative during these cold days…who needs to frolic in the snow when there are doll to be creating…lol

Happy Doll Making!

For the latest issue of The Doll Club e-zine, visit:


Their Own Niche…

DSCN1265  DSCN1266

DSCN1271  DSCN1275

Olivia’s school project in progress and the finished piece. Bottom right: Claudia’s finished school project with intricate details.

Hello all,

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a blessed and promising New Year! As always I am always trying to keep busy working on something…it keep me out of trouble…lol!

The new year begins with my girls off from school and the three of us gathered around the kitchen table working on our individual art projects. This reminds me that whenever I teach a workshop somewhere, someone will always ask me if my girls are artistic and if they enjoy making dolls? My girls are wonderful artists but, alas, they haven’t been bitten by the “doll” bug. Instead, they each, it seems, have found their own niche. My eldest, Olivia, is an amazing painter and can command the paintbrush on paper or canvas in the way I never could. Claudia, the youngest,  is wonderful in her own right and, these days,  she is exploring the use of pencils and pen. She received a “Tangles” art book for Christmas and is enjoying developing intricate patterns and details.

That is what I find so wonderful about being an artist, the ability to constantly evolve and experiment with new mediums; to open your eyes to new ideas and concepts. I hope that in this New Year you find new ways to be challenge your creativity and broaden your artistic talents!

The latest addition of The Doll Club is now available…I hope you’ll find it interesting reading : http://a-lil-whimsy.com/dollmaking-techniques.html

Also, if you have a minute, check out my Story Book Poppets: http://www.a-lil-whimsy.com/story-poppets.html





Happy New Year!

Keeping Busy

Doll club for FB     AND   poppet-2

Hi all,

It’s been a while. I hope you’ve had an  enjoyable Thanksgiving and shared precious time with your loved ones. It’s almost hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner.  We are getting over the icy, wintry weather we had last bight.  My girls were hopeful that school would be closed today but the two hour delay was certainly better that nothing…lol!.

The latest addition of The Doll Club is completed and published. I hope you will find it interesting reading :) It will be uploaded and ready for sale on my website by the end of the week : http://a-lil-whimsy.com/dollmaking-techniques.html

Finally, I have been working on more Story Book Poppets the last few weeks. Creating characters from some of my favorite stories. I also worked very closely with my webmaster, Brenda Simon (www.BrendaSimon.com), to create a new look to showcase these on my website. I wanted a  book with a leather cover and virtual pages that turned… Brenda made my “dream” come true! If you have a moment, please check them out: http://a-lil-whimsy.com/story-poppets.html

Well, that’s all for now. Enjoy your Christmas shopping and be safe!  Happy Doll Making!


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