Catching !

August 18th, 2018

Schoodic Arts for All in Maine:

IMG_0164   IMG_0163

IMG_0165   IMG_0168

Quinlan Artist Doll and Teddy Bear Convention in Philly:

DSCN3801  DSCN3803

Hi All,

Looks like I’m finally catching up! I had the pleasure of teaching two fun workshops this year and the opportunity to spend the time with wonderfully creative people! First, my Fun Medallion workshop,  shown on the bottom, was at the Quinlan Artist Doll and Teddy Bear Convention in the Philly area. Maria, Judy, Jo-Ann and I all had a fun time.  The conversation flowed as each of the ladies worked continuously to create an eye and mouth medallion. Above, at the Schoodic Arts for All annual festival in Maine, Janis, Jane and I had fun creating as well as discussing politics, life and the beauty of Maine…it was great! Thank you to all you ladies for your interest in my work and for the pleasure of your company!

Happy Doll making!


July 16th, 2018

2018 Schoodic Alberti Workshop pic

Hi All,

Just three more weeks to go for the Schoodic Arts for All Festival to commence! I’ll be teaching my Red Riding Hood pin workshop shown above. If you happen to be in the Winter Harbor area in Maine, check out the festival and all the great programs they’ll be offering from dancing, live entertainment, basket weaving, painting, singing and too many more to mention! Click on the link for more info: https://schoodicartsforall.org/ Hope to see you there!


What’s New?

October 18th, 2017

blog eye


Hi All,

I just wanted to share pictures of The Medallion Workshop I’ll be offering at the Quinlan Conference next spring. What: Quinlan Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Convention. When: April 12-14, 2018. Where: Clarion Hotel Philadelphia International Airport. If you’re interested in the workshop, please contact me directly! Happy Doll Making!



July 14, 2017

DSCN3411 (2)

DSCN3397 (2)

Hi All,

I decided to update a shadow box that I did years ago which is currently…but not for long…up on my website. I have always loved the Hey Diddle-Diddle theme and decided to make this new version more intricate. Above are the new pics..:)

My daughter and I were talking about nursery rhymes and she told me that the Humpty-Dumpty story if in fact a Mandela Effect. A Mandela Effect is a false memory…a psychological phenomenon wherein a person recalls something that did not happen. In this case, we’ve all heard the Humpty-Dumpty story and believe that he’s an egg that fell off the wall, yet nowhere in the story does it states that he’s an egg at all…lol!

Happy Doll Making!

Creative Juices

DSCN3380   DSCN3378

DSCN3381   DSCN3382


Hi All,

I was very excited when I returned home from the Quinlan Convention last month. Before I knew it, the creative Juices started flowing and I had so many ideas filling my head that I immediately got started! I decided to create more of my Story Book Poppets. I am currently working on “Red Riding Hood,” “Goldilocks,” “Princess & the Pea.” and “The Little Matchstick Girl.” They are all currently works in progress but I just wanted to share a glimpse of how they are coming along. Above  are “Red” & “Goldie”  and their painted “story” bases. As you can see (bottom pic)  “Red” is finished. I’m nearly done with Goldie.   I’ll post more as I finish them…

Happy Doll Making!

Home Again!

Thursday May 4th


DSCN3280Group picture:  Linda, Judy,  me, Joanne &  Joyce with finished “Fairy Babies”

Hi All,

Well the Quinlan’s Art Doll & Teddy Bear Convention is over and it  was yet, another success! The events were fun, the food was great and the opportunity to catch-up with old friends and make new ones is always wonderful 🙂

I did very well in sales…I was very excited that my matchboxes sold…yeah! I’ll be busy making more of these this summer. Hmm, let’s see…how about a “Bunny Mermaid”…lol! I also taught a workshop at the convention for the first time. It went very well. Above are pictures of the gals learning the techniques for the “Fairy Baby” Workshop. We all had such a nice time..it was a pleasure meeting them 🙂 The great thing about teaching is that I learn from the students as well…it becomes a fun exchange of doll-making tips picked up over years of creating.

DSCN3285   DSCN3286

A glimpse of my sales table (above)


I had been working on my “Mother Goose” doll for a while; I’d start her up and then put her away and so on. Well, the weekend just before the convention I decided to finish her. Needless to say I had feathers flying all over the place! I finished her the night before setting out to Philly and packed her up. During the convention, all attendees are invited to display their works in the ballroom to be judged by all other attendees for awards. The awards are 1st thru 3rd prizes for the Art Doll or Teddy Bear categories.  Later, during Saturday’s closing ceremony dinner,  the winners names would be called. Well, to my surprise, my “Mother Goose” Doll sold and, to my astonishment, at Saturday’s closing ceremony dinner, I was awarded the “Helen Bullard Award for Excellence”…1st prize in the Art Doll category! Needless to say I was quite thrilled!

That’s all for now…Happy Doll Making!

Ready, Set…Go!

April 29th, 2017

“Medallion” Jewelry Pieces:

blog eye   DSCN3235

DSCN3238   DSCN3237


DSCN3205   DSCN3242

DSCN3240   DSCN3239

Hi All,

Almost ready and very excited about attending the Quinlan’s Art Doll & Teddy Bear Show next week. Above, are just a few things small pieces I’ve been working on for my sales table. First…my completed “Matchboxes”…all of the tiny characters have “jiggly” legs! Last…I did the “Medallion” Jewelry Pieces last year but now I think I’m ready to display them. Well, that’s all for now…next stop…Philadelphia!

Happy Doll Making!